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Selpic P1 is the world's most portable handheld print pen. It allows you to print on almost all porous material or surface at ultra fast speed with extremely high definition. Weighing only 92g, this printer perfectly fits in a palm, pocket and any travel plan. 

Selpic S1 is a palm-sized handheld printer that allows you to print text, image, QR code, barcode on literally any surfaces including paper, texile, wood, glass, ceramics and even on human skin simply by moving the printer. Printing ANYTHING has never been so easy!


Don't just take our word for it...

I can carry my Selpic with me to sporting events and on field trips

I use my Selpic while writing letters and doing school projects 

Selpic S1 is handy while printing our logo on stationary and printing scanning codes