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Selpic S1 0.5" Print Head Quick-drying Handheld Printer

$199.00 $289.99 saving $90.99
Selpic S1 0.5" Print Head Quick-drying Handheld Printer + Ink Cartridge Set - Selpic

Selpic S1 0.5" Print Head Quick-drying Handheld Printer

$199.00 $289.99 saving $90.99

Selpic S1 allows you to print text, images, and customized designs on any surface. Just upload your design into our Android or iOS App, then connect to your Selpic.

What Can the Selpic S1 Print?

With the Selpic quick-drying handheld printer you can print text, images, QR codes, barcodes or logos simply by sliding the printer along a surface. It is the perfect tool for the daily paperwork, arts, crafts, and entertainment. Printing on any surface has never been so easy!

Design Your Own Canvas Tote Bag

selpic s1 design your own canvas tote

Surprise Your Loved Ones

selpic s1 surprise your loved one

Print Your Own Business Card

selpic s1 print your own business card

Plan For Your Daily Work

selpic s1 plan for your daily work

Print Anywhere You Like

SELPIC can print on any surface such as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, leather, ceramic, metal, glass, walls, or even skin. With SELPIC, a super portable printing experience is in the palm of your hand.

selpic s1 print on any surface 

What Makes Selpic S1 Different

  • Larger Capacity

The large, 40ml ink capacity and high printing efficiency set SELPIC apart from other small format printers, allowing it to print up to 900 A4 papers with 5% ink coverage.

  • Intuitive Control

SELPIC S1 is controlled with a user-friendly, intuitive App that supports multiple fonts and layouts. You can quickly adjust the size and position of your print and easily create different combinations of text and images right from your smartphone. 

  • Multi-line Printing

The sentences can be printed in multiples lines. Perfect for the printing of the guest list or menu.

  • Print at Any Angle

Sophisticated, built-in roller sensors allow SELPIC S1 to print over curved or uneven surfaces like coffee mugs, ceramic pieces or other unique materials. 


Explore More Features

Printing Has Never Been So Easier

Printing with the SELPIC App is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to download the app from App Store, Google Play, customize customized images, art fonts, QR codes,  barcodes, and more as you like, then hit the Print button, your ideas come alive in seconds. Printing has never been such easy!

s1 handy printer user guide


Selpic s1 specification


What's In The Box


Note: Default quick-drying ink cartridge that comes with this set is black. 


Ask a Question
  • How wide of an image can it print

    There is no limit on how wide the image can print.

    The printer can print up to 1.5 feet non-stop (in one image if needed)

  • We have poly bags, will the quick dry ink work on this and not rub off over time? If we miss a date code it's an EPA violation

    Yes, the quick dry ink can also dry on poly bags, plastic folders, etc.

  • I just received a Selpic S1 and am using V1.8 on an iPhone. The examples of the app in you pictures do not match my app; it appears you can print more than one line of text but the app only prints one line. You also state that customized logos can be used but it is not clear how this can be done.

    There is now a v1.8.3 app which improves printing of logos. You can print customized graphics but there isn't a logo maker in the app. To print on multiple lines, please left the unit up and move the printer down. The printer will only print if the wheels on the bottom are rolling.

  • I have ink forpixma ip100b. Will those work?

    We are not sure about 3rd party ink cartridges.

  • Is it possible to print sequential numbers like page numbers? For example. on page 1 out of 5 pages, it should be printed as 1/5. Next page should be 2/5..... and so on.

    It is not with this function to print sequential numbers atomatically at present. If you want to print them, you need to input the number manually one by one.

  • Does it print just one line a t tthe time? whatabout printing a name an andaddress (3 lines) in just one pass?

    It can just print one line at one time. But it is achievable to print a name and an address (3 lines) in just one pass. When you edit them in editing area, you need to separate them and put them in three different text edited boxes, then list the boxes in the form of array.

  • Where can I find software or drivers to print from my Windows PC?

    Windows software is still in development. Drivers should be ready around Feb 2020. Thanks!

  • Is the cartridge that comes with the Selpic S1 a water based ink?


    The listing here has a dropdown menu: https://selpic.com/products/selpic-s1-handy-printer?variant=31175320141958

    You can select quick-drying or water-based ink cartridge set.

    Hope this answers your question!


    Selpic Team

  • how do i buy water-based cartridges for the s1

    We can add water-based cartridge prices to this listing:  https://selpic.com/products/selpic-cartridge?variant=31182379221126

    Which cartridge colors would you like to order?


    Selpic Team

  • I did not see white ink available from the drop down menu.is white quick dry available.?


    Yes, we will add white to the drop-down menu.


  • What is the difference between quick-drying and water-based ink?

    The main difference between quick-drying and water-based ink is that quick-drying allows you to print on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, metals, glass, and any other glossy surfaces. The ink is permanent and dries after 3 seconds. It can be removed from surfaces only by using 95% rubbing alcohol.

    Water-based ink is what traditional printers use. It won't dry on non-porous surfaces and can be washed off using water solutions. Water-based ink is enough if you just want to print on stationary, paper, and other porous surfaces.
    The last difference is that our water-based cartridges are a bit less in cost.