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Selpic P1 Handheld Printer Pen

Selpic P1 Handheld Printer Pen - Selpic

Selpic P1 Handheld Printer Pen


Selpic P1 is a perfectly well-rounded portable printer for handling all of your printing needs whether at home, the office, or on the go. Unlike the traditional inkjet printer. Selpic P1 works using inkjet technology but operates like a pen, allowing a user to print photos, barcodes, QR codes, or just plain texts on almost all porous surfaces not limited to paper. It does everything right from the palm of your hand.

Selpic P1 Covers All Your Needs

Print Anything Not Limited to Paper

The remarkable Selpic P1 can print almost everything, such as text, logos, memes, QR code, barcode, etc on all porous surfaces not limited to paper, it works perfectly on textile, leather, wood, paper, even on the curved or uneven ones with high quality, making printing go paperless and eco-friendly.

The Most Versatile Printer Ever

Multiple Printing Methods

New inkjet printing systems such as this one are extremely impressive in their versatility. Selpic P1 supports printing at any angle, including horizontal and vertical orientation, and can switch printing direction from left to right or right to left.

Accurate Multi-Line Printing

With a built-in line break function, Selpic P1 has the ability to print either a single-line or across multiple lines. The number of printable lines is almost limitless.

Also, with the print ruler, you can better find the starting point and set up the printing position much more accurately and quickly.

Speech to Text Printing

Using the built-in microphone in your smartphone, the Selpic P1 app is able to turn your spoken words into text. The speech recognition is extremely high-quality and you can print the results at the touch of a button. This can be really handy when your hands are full or when you are speaking to a group, for example in education or business.

Turn Your Ideas In Just 3 Steps

With the intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can customize any designs on the dedicated app for unique prints as you like, no special skills needed.

Tech Specifications

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