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Quick-drying Selpic S1 & S1+ Cartridge - Selpic-C1

Quick-drying Selpic S1 & S1+ Cartridge - Selpic-C1 - selpic

Quick-drying Selpic S1 & S1+ Cartridge - Selpic-C1


NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus, Selpic S1 and S1+ cartridges are shipping out in 1-4 weeks. S1 cartridges will arrive around April 1st and S1+ Cartridges should arrive in the middle of April. If you order together with the S1 or S1+ we will ship your printer out first.


Selpic S1 Quick-Drying Cartridges are 100% New (non-refilled or recycled), and are truly filled with 40ml / 1.35oz of ink.  The number of page text or images you can print varies depending on your design and font types.

Quick drying cartridges have a shelf-life of 6 months. There are no warranties on ink cartridges so contact us ASAP if you receive a DOA cartridge so we can troubleshoot and arrange exchange if necessary.

 Q: What's the Difference between the Selpic S1 and S1+ Cartridge? 

A: The only difference is that the S1 cartridge printhead is 1/2" and the S1+ has 1-inch printhead nozzle. The two cartridges are not interchangeable and cannot be used an any the other's printer.  



The inkjet cartridge needs to be stored in the shady, cool and dry area and avoid direct sunlight due to the particularity of solvent-based ink

The service life of the inkjet cartridge is 6 months. Bad printing performance, printing content missing, ink clogging, etc may happen while exceeding service life.

For the particularity of solvent-based ink and service life, goods exchange is not allowed after delivery in principle, unless the problem is caused by the quality of inkjet cartridge itself.


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I just love this mini printer and I can carry it were I go and the different inks are wonderful. thank you the ink works great.


Ask a Question
  • Is S1 compatible with S1+ cartridge? And / or is S1+ compatible with S1 cartridge?

    The cartridge volume and outter shape is same.The print head size is different. Hence, only S1+ cartridge can be used in S1+. The hole for the print head at the bottom of the unit is different sizes for the two models.

  • What is the difference between quick-drying and water-based ink cartridges?

    The main difference between quick-drying and water-based ink is that quick-drying allows you to print on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, metals, glass, and any other glossy surfaces. The ink is permanent and dries after 3 seconds. It can be removed from surfaces only by using 95% rubbing alcohol.

    Water-based ink is what traditional printers use. It won't dry on non-porous surfaces and can be washed off using water solutions. Water-based ink is enough if you just want to print on stationary, paper, and other porous surfaces.

    The last difference is that our water-based cartridges are a bit less in cost.

  • Hi, do you have more photos or videos on the white ink print outs on darker surface? Does it also print on fabric? Thanks.


    It turns out that we only have white in water-based ink. Interestingly though, it can only print on glossy surfaces such as leather, glass, metals, plastics. We tried printing on cloth / mesh and the ink just gets absorbed into the fabric. Same with stationary. If you are looking to print on dark cloth, maybe try our quick-drying yellow cartridge. 

    Hope this helps!

    Selpic Team