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Core Features
Selpic Star A Is Perfect For
Ultra-Compact, Lightweight & Portable
With the size of 10.2*9.4*9.8 inch, Star A weighs 4.4 Ibs - 3 times lighter than ordinary 3D printers. Its compact body helps save space, makes moving easy and lets printing start anywhere you like.
Easy to Install & Disassemble
Star A saves you from the devastating installment. Its assembly can be finished within 3 steps. What you need to do is just turning screws, connecting two cables and setting the filament ready. The whole process only takes 3 minutes or even less.
Install X & Z-axis sets to the Printer Base.
Turn two screws.
Connect Z-axis motor cable with control box plug-in cable.
Install the filament holder and hang the filament.
Install the filament.
Pass the filament through the hole above the print head.
Extremely Simple to Setup and Use
Star A is super simple to use and suitable for kids. 4 operating buttons help with an easy reset, printing (start, pause or cancel), filament feed and release. Even without the manual, you can know how to use it.
More Accurate & Refined Printing Details
The X-axis and Y-axis accuracy can achieve 100 μm, and the Z-axis accuracy is up to 50 μm. This high-precision design, together with the brass nozzle of 0.4 mm in diameter, brings life to printing works with accuracy, delicacy and details.
Quiet Design, Say No to Noise
Adopting low-noise motor, Star A keeps its working noise below 60dB. You may have a sound sleep with Star A working and then wake up to the reality of your creation.
Resume Printing After Power Off
Star A can resume printing from where it left off in the event of a power outage. This function helps save filaments and reduces printing failure.
Open Source, Add-Ons Supported
Star A is an open-source 3D printer whose code can be modified. With the simplified, intuitive visual code we provide, you will be able to check and adjust product parameters according to your needs.
Besides, Star A provides add-ons. There are more possibilities and surprises for you to explore. By getting our add-ons you can have:
Hotbed Temperature Up to 100°C
Touch Screen 2.4-Inch Full Color and Highly Sensitive
Laser Engraving Applicable to Wood, Plastic, Cardboard, Leather, etc.
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