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Selpic S1+ 1.0" Print Head Handy Printer + Quick-Drying Ink (Black) Cartridge Set

$239.00 $329.99 saving $90.99
Selpic S1+ 1.0" Print Head Handy Printer + Quick-Drying Ink (Black) Cartridge Set - Selpic

Selpic S1+ 1.0" Print Head Handy Printer + Quick-Drying Ink (Black) Cartridge Set

$239.00 $329.99 saving $90.99

Introduce selpic s1

Selpic S1+ allows you to print text, images, and customized designs on any surface such as glass, metals, plastics, and even fruit peels. Just upload your design into our Android or iOS App, then connect to your Selpic. The Selpic S1+ is the upgraded version of the S1.  The S1+ has a 1.0" print head instead of the S1's 1/2" print head.

What Can the Selpic S1+ Print?

With the Selpic quick-drying handheld printer you can print text, images, QR codes, barcodes, or logos simply by sliding the printer along a surface. It is the perfect tool for daily paperwork, arts, crafts, and entertainment. Printing on any surface has never been so easy!

Design Your Own Canvas Tote Bag

selpic design your own canvas tote bag

Surprise Your Loved Ones

selpic surprise your loved one

Print Your Own Business Card

selpic print your own business card

Plan For Your Daily Work

selpic plan for your daily work

Print Anywhere You Like

SELPIC can print on any surface such as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, leather, ceramic, metal, glass, walls, or even skin. With SELPIC, a super portable printing experience is in the palm of your hand.

selpic s1 print on any surface

What Makes Selpic S1 Different

  • Faster Printing

SELPIC S1+ performs with a 30~300 mm/s print speed, allowing you to slide and print in one second. 

selpic s1 fast printing

  • Larger Capacity

The large, 40ml ink capacity and high printing efficiency set SELPIC apart from other small format printers, allowing it to print up to 900 A4 papers with 5% ink coverage.

selpic s1 ink cartridge large capacity

Unlimited Print Possibilities

  • All Languages Supported

SELPIC S1+ can print all the languages that are compatible with your smartphone. What you see on the screen is exactly what will be printed. 

selpic s1 all languages supported

  • Print at Any Angle

Sophisticated, built-in roller sensors allow SELPIC S1+ to print over curved or uneven surfaces like coffee mugs, ceramic pieces or other unique materials. 

selpic s1 print at any angle

  • Print Vertical Sentence

SELPIC S1+ can even print vertical lettering or words by using a simple one-step setting on the app.

selpic s1 Print Vertical Sentence

  • Print Curved Sentence

Unleash your creativity with SELPIC S1+. It is the perfect tool to express yourself with artwork, crafts or product markings with its unique ability to print on any surface and shape.

selpic s1 Print Curved Sentence

  •  Multi-line Printing 

The sentences can be printed in multiples lines. Perfect for the printing of the guest list or menu.

selpic multiple line printing

  •  Unlimited Printing Length 

With SELPIC you can print the text or image content at any length.

selpic unlimited printing length

  • Long Working Time

The 1200 mAh built-in ultra-thin battery provides 6 hours of continuous working time and 72 hours of standby time per charge. It also recharges quickly using Micro USB. 


Selpic s1 specification


What's In The Box


NOTE: This units comes with a S1+ Packaging and S1+ unit.

The S1+ separates itself, from the handy printer pack, by providing lifetime support, SDK development, and Mac & Microsoft software. The S1+ is open source meaning our fans can customize the firmware according to their needs.


Ask a Question
  • What is the difference between the quick drying ink and water based one ?

    The quick-drying cartridge is for printing on non-porous surfaces (like glass, metals, plastics) and textiles. Water-based is for printing on stationary.

  • I just ordered the S1 from amazon and thought it was the latest version. Is there a software update for the S1 to allow uploading my own logo/images or do I have to return this unit to get the S1+? Are there any other updates to the S1 in the S1+

    the s1+ has a 1" printhead. the S1 only has a 1/2" print head. There is no software upgrade as the print cartridge is a different shape.

  • What's height of the print area? Do you plan to come out with one that has a leader print area? I'm looking to put my logo on our products with it, and am honestly just fascinated. As a magazine writer I'm pretty shocker I've never heard of this product!

    Hello Carrie,
    Our printer's print area is as below:

  • is the ink waterproof? if I print on glassware will it last in the dishwasher?

    The ink is permanent meaning you need to use 95% rubbing alchohol to rub it off. We don't know how many times it can wash in the dishwasher though.

  • Je voudrais votre appareil et encre blanc Est-ce c'est possible?

    There is a white cartridge, but it is more expensive and needs to be special ordered. Order Processing time takes 2-3 weeks.