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Selpic Printing Technologies makes a huge splash at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Selpic Printing Technologies makes a huge splash at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Selpic had an extraordinary show at this year's CES in Las Vegas. Selpic met small, medium and large distributors from all over the World. In addition to huge interest in our S1 and S1+ handheld printers, our newly unveilled pocket-sized P1 printer pen, and nail printer series were also highlights of the show.


Selpic N1

Selpic N1 is an amazing digital nail printer that can print any design onto nails in 30 seconds. This tool works with an iPhone app to send custom designs or photos to a machine loaded with high-quality inks. The apps offers more than 500 pre-loaded designs, user can choose from them  or upload their own images. Most importantly, Selpic N1 uses smart nail identification to put the design in the correct place. The printer is loaded with an ink cartridge and each cartridge can print up to 800 nails. With this powerful nail beauty product, you can paints your conveyed masterpiece onto an acrylic nail and make your nail dreams a reality.


Selpic P1

Selpic P1 is a portable recorder pen, which is not only capable of printing customized designs directly onto a wide variety of different materials and surfaces, but also allows you voice recording and convert the voice into text.

This handy print pen is small enough to fit into your pocket and weighs only 250g which enables print anywhere. Also, this versatile print pen can print on paper, ceramic, tiles, glass, fabric and even on skin. It can be connected to your smartphone and the Selpic app, the app contains lots of designs and fonts or you can create your own designs.


Were you not able to meet selpic at CES and want to learn more about becoming a Selpic distributor? No worries! Fill in our Become Distributor form and we'll guide you through the process of becoming a reseller.

About Selpic

Selpic Inc. is a CA-based company focused on providing leading printing solutions. Selpic aims to change the way people experience the printing. It will always strive to provide the highest quality in prints and apply the innovative technology to enhance users 'printing experience.


Visit Selpic at CES 2020 - New Printing Technologies to be Unveilled!

Visit Selpic at CES 2020 - New Printing Technologies to be Unveilled!

 At CES 2020 in Las Vegas (Booth #44870 & 44871), Selpic. Inc, a new start-up and a pioneer in digital printing solutions, will demonstrate how its solutions and technology help users transfer ideas from head to the real world. During this period, the Selpic booth will showcase the range and versatility of the company’s solutions. Additionally, Selpic’s impressive, existing product, such as the smart handheld inkjet printer will be on display for attendees to test and try within the Selpic booth.

Attendees can check out S1 and 3 new products that Selpic will unveil at CES. These new versatile devices will completely change the way you think about printing.

Please visit Selpic at the 2020 CES Show at Booth #44870 & 44871 in the Sands Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.


For more information about digital printing solutions available from Selpic Inc., please visit



About Selpic

Selpic, based in California, focuses on providing leading innovative printing solutions. With the purpose to build truly portable printing devices and puts portable printing capability at the fingertips of smart phone users around the world, Selpic launched S1 which is the World’s first mobile inkjet printer enabling color printing on any surface and materials at CEATEC 2019 in Japan.


About CES

CES — short for the Consumer Electronics Show — is an annual trade show held in Las Vegas in January, revolving around the latest innovations in the consumer electronics space. But being a trade show, CES isn’t open to the public, with attendees having to submit credentials in advance in order to score an invitation to the Las Vegas Convention Center, where it’s hosted.

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