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Selpic Introduces New Innovative Handy Printer At CEATEC 2019

Selpic Introduces New Innovative Handy Printer At CEATEC 2019

TOKYO, Japan, Oct. 18, 2019 -- Selpic Inc, a leading innovative inkjet printing startup based in California with worldwide growing strategy, unveiled its first product: Selpic S1 – world’s first quick-drying smart handy printer at the 2019 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC), which is held from October 15 to 18 in Chiba, Japan. As part of the "A City in 2030 - Society 5.0 TOWN" exhibition, Selpic drew great attention by its innovative inkjet technologies and become one of the highlights of this 4-day expo.

With the mission to share a shred of new light on inkjet printing technologies to enable humanity to better express their thoughts and creativities, Selpic Inc. has deeply devoted to this area and be ready to present his first answer. Engineered and manufactured by the Selpic team, using its patent-pending advanced quick-drying ink and super-micro nozzles, with the user-friendly app, Selpic S1 could print any contents on any surface from any angle, free your creatives from limitations. Selpic S1 is designed to satisfy the general needs of businessmen, DIY lovers and so on, based on years of the team’s close research and experience on communicating with people around the world.


CEATEC 2019 was also a valuable chance for Selpic Inc. to interact with the Japanese market and receive feedback. Equipped with an ultralight handy ABS shell and most advanced ST chip, the Selpic S1 was aimed at making the absolute quickest speed printing experience. At CEATEC, Selpic also shared its further ambitions on wider product lines and areas, and its ambitions on success on the Japanese market. Selpic revealed its sincere willingness to build close collaborations with Japanese local customers.


When talking about Selpic first showcase in this expo, Mr Bob Xiong, founder and CEO, said,  Attending CEATEC is an important step for Selpic to expend its worldwide brand awareness, it is a great honor to learn that S1 enjoy such great popularity and high praise in Japanese market. We are so grateful for the support and welcome from our Japanese friends. It is our primary drive to update the inkjet technologies and to expand people's channels to express themselves. ."


About Selpic


Selpic Inc. is a CA-based startup company focused on providing edging inkjet innovations to the public.

Since the Gutenberg innovating printing technology, the process of recording history has been changed. Selpic believes words and images are the prior way to express human beings and have the power to change the world. The Selpic team upholds the concept that: small is beautiful, simple is true, it creates excellent products that can withstand the test of time.


It's a long and beautiful road to breed ideas to products that benefit the public. Selpic enjoys exploring new possibilities on this road.


Selpic is dedicated to becoming the No.1 brand of smart printer. It will always strive to use innovative technology to enhance users 'printing experience, change the history of world writing one more time, and rewrite the rules of printing.

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