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Best Portable Label Printer in 2020

Best Portable Label Printer in 2020

If you want to classify important documents or supplies, store them away and then quickly locate them when you need to. Or you want to type information on product labels, or customize your own business card, then a smaller label printer can make all these considerably easier. To help you pick out the right one, we've rounded up some factors you should consider.

Part 1: What Factors You Should Consider

  • Printing Capacity: A printer with a high paper capacity means that you will not have to refill or change the ink cartridge every now and then.
  • Printing Contents: Print contents is another key factor. Generally, a good label printer is supposed to support to print text, photos, QR code, barcode.
  • Printing Quality: Printing capacity an important parameter you should consider before choosing a label Printer.
  • Cost: For a device to be considered good, it should be reasonably priced so people can afford it. Since almost all professional tools are chargeable, just take a reasonably priced one.

These are 4 most important factors you should consider before choosing a label printer. Here we will introduce the best one which meet all the requirements based on our requirements.

Part 2: Best Label Printer You Can’t Miss

Selpic S1 is a top-rated portable inkjet label printer which can print texts, photos, QR codes and barcodes with incredible image quality. It lets you design and print labels from your computer and/or mobile device which is connecting wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. The high efficiency printer is capable of printing over 900 pages of A4 paper on a single cartridge!
Selpic is simple to use, allowing you to produce a variety of good-looking labels for kitchen, garage, bedrooms, office, and schoolroom, making the Selpic an easy top pick as an label printer for families, small workplaces, and classrooms.

Key Features of Selpic:

  • Larger Capacity. The large, 40ml ink capacity allows it to print up to 900 A4 papers with 5% ink coverage.
  • Multi color printing: Selpic offers 6 colors ink cartridges, including black, blue, red, green, yellow, fluorescent.
  • Small space taking. App size is much smaller than other competitors.
  • Print at angle: Selpic supports to print at any angle not limited to horizontal angle.
  • Lightweight & portable: The label printer measures 119.12*46.99*109.98mm and weighs about 8.82oz. It is small and light enough to easily take with you.

How to Use Selpic S1

Now follow the detailed step below to start create your own prints.
Step 1: Download and Install the App
Download and install the Selpic app from App store or Google Play by searching Selpic or you can scan the QR below to download and install the app.
Step 2: Connect Device via Wi-Fi
Press the “Power” button to turn on the device, then enable WiFi and find the Selpic WiFi, enter the initial password 12345678.
Step 3: Register and Login
Then you need to register for a Selpic account, the use the verification code to verify the account.
Step 4: Create a New prints
Now you can customize your label, adding texts, photos, QR code and barcode according to your demands. Also you can edit those designs by adding effects including adjusting mirror image, reverse color, clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation, print pattern enlargement, and reduction, etc.
Step 5: Print
When you are ready, tap the Print icon to download and print the edited contents. A prompt will appear to show that your content is Sending to Printer and Printing.
Then place onto the paper (or any other surfaces) and slide to the right or left.

This is a review about the best label printer - Selpic, if you have any other questions or recommendations, please feel free to let us know.


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